Objective of Classroom Word Walls:

Students will be afforded a tool to learn and understand the meanings of SAT/ACT/TESTING Vocabulary Words in a method that makes sense and allows them to extend beyond the basic words and journey into the world of effective vocabulary.

The Concept Behind Interactive Word Walls:

The concept of tying morphemic analysis and secondary word walls together began about four years ago. As a Language Arts Veteran for twenty six years, we have always believed in teaching word parts as the basis for a classroom vocabulary instruction. When students break words apart they not only learn the vocabulary list for the lesson but in fact are afforded a tool to decipher thousands of words. Since students at the secondary level are so visual, teachers should extend the word wall concept into secondary education. The Word Station believes that taking the two concepts of morphemic analysis and the use of word walls, and combining them into a living breathing part of the classroom, constant vocabulary instruction takes place. The Word Station Program allows students to journey on Expeditions from the sixth grade through the twelfth grade, learning the meanings of three hundred stems, used in eighteen hundred SAT/ACT/Testing vocabulary words. While they learn the vocabulary words, students are in fact learning thousands of words using the knowledge of the prefixes, suffixes, roots, and bases in the system—The Word Station Word Strips.

The Word Station System is reinforced each week by incorporating suggested lessons.

THE ITENERARY: State the objective being taught… The World Of Vocabulary Awaits You!

Begin each class with an activity that introduces or reinforces a STEM or vocabulary word. Use brief activities in a variety of tasks tailored to the proficiency of your students. Modifications can be made to meet the needs of all your students.

BUY YOUR TICKET: State the objective being taught... You Are On The Road To Discovery!

Each lesson will embrace new STEM’s or vocabulary words, as well as review previously discovered words and STEM’s. Since the Word Station Word Wall is totally flexible, teachers can customize the presentation on a daily basis to meet the goals and objectives of their individual lesson plans.

BOARD THE TRAIN: Guided Practice… You Are The Guide To The World Of Vocabulary!

Through class participation, students will learn to navigate the world of new vocabulary words by learning the STEM’s and using them to discover the new words in the lesson. By learning the STEM’s, roots, suffixes and prefixes, students will begin to understand the origins of words and how to break down new words and unravel their meaning.

TAKE THE RIDE: Independent Practice… The Student Becomes the Explorer!

Through independent practice using the Word Station Workbook, and other tools, the daily lessons are reinforced, and the student builds understanding and competence. As new words are added, and lessons reviewed, the student becomes more confident and excited about learning.

LASTING MEMORIES: Measuring understanding with Quick Quiz… Bring Them Home With A New Outlook!

Teachers can measure the progress of the student through the use of Quick Quizes, providing a solid platform for future lessons and effective review of previously covered material.